Things I Did Thursdays: Teen Vogue Meetup Summit

19 October, 2017

Welcome to the newest ~Things I Did Thursdays~ !!!

This week I'm reflecting on the incredible time that I had at the Teen Vogue Meetup Summit last week. Not only was the event perfectly planned and surprisingly intimate, but I got to meet Elaine Welteroth -- the one and only editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue.

The agenda went as follows:

First, there was a Panel where Elaine interviewed both Grace Mahary and Lilly Singh, both incredible women making huge impacts in the world as innovators and activists.

Second, was a quick networking session where we were able to talk with one of the three women on the panel -- Elaine included! -- for two minutes. Although it was a tough decision, I had to go with Elaine. Not only is she in the position that I only dreamed about when I was in high school writing my style op-ed for the newspaper, but she is a black woman in power which makes her achievements ten times more important.

So, when it was my turn to talk to her, I already knew that she worked hard to get where she is so I asked her what she uses for her hair. Stupid question? Maybe, but she gave me the deets -- Vernon Francois, and boiiiiiii am I never turning back. We chatted a bit about that and how she is my absolute idol, and then she told me to SLIDE THROUGH HER DMs! I was so shook.

All in all the event was amazing, and Elaine was just as amazing as you would think she is. As a result, I desperately want to go to the Teen Vogue Summit happening in December, but it all really depends on my work schedule, unfortunately.

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