OOTD 10.18 | Mustard Yellow & Polka Dots

18 October, 2017

Wearing: Urban Outfitters Dress | Zara Boots | Ray-Ban Sunglasses | Jacket (Ebay) | Tiffany&Co. Bracelet

Wow, this outfit made me feel ~good~. No reason in particular, but I just felt hella stylish without trying too hard. It's funny because I have definitely seen my style shifting since being out here in LA. First, I'm way more into dresses (like this one) and second, my wardrobe has somehow been infiltrated with color, including these boots and dress.

Also, the benefits of living out in LA is that I can invest in more midi dresses like this and wear them all the way into winter. I always thought midi dresses were kind of hokey and way too conservative. BUT, with these shoes and army jacket, I think I did a good job of spicing it up a little. ha maybe. Idk, let me know if I'm completely wrong.

xoxo heauxs,


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