Monday Motivation: BoxUnion

09 October, 2017

BoxUnion... BoxUnion is like the West Coast version of Shadowbox. Just trade in the black for oak panels and a light taupe and there you are.

1755 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica 

Website Definition: A modern, group fitness experience designed by experts to maximize the physical benefits of boxing, fat-burning cardio, plyometrics and core work. Within their unique heavy bag studio, their signature 45-minute, total body workout tones muscles, focuses the mind and empowers the soul to burn through calories and reduce stress. 

Class: Form & Footwork (The BoxUnion Method)
Instructor: Kyle Shneider

This was a very introductory class that went over the fundamentals -- from movements 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 to how to position your feet. There was even a trainer on the stage that modeled the movements for us as the hour-long class went on. The class started out with Kyle going over the feet placement and slow play-by-plays of each of the movements. Once he felt like everyone in the class was at a certain level, we started to do combinations of the movements. Overall, it was a good class to get back to the basics or to learn the moves that are sometimes quickly brushed over in other boxing classes.

What do you need: I purchased the BoxUnion wraps for $5 and rented the gloves for $2. Just bring a water bottle and you should be good to go.

Intensity: Low

Sweat: 2/5

They keep the room at a higher temperature, so I started sweating like ten minutes in. Caveat -- I start sweating at the drop of a hat so.... maybe take this one with a grain of salt.

Bathroom: 3.5/5
They were clean and very aesthetically pleasing, but they were kind of small. This didn't bother me that much though because I was able to walk home to shower.

Vibes: 4/5

It's very clean and airy. Again, since this was an introductory class, the lights were left on in the studio so that we could get more intimate training with the instructor.

Music: 3.5/5

The music wasn't really the focus in this class. They played good tunes, but it was more of an afterthought.

Will I come back? Yes. I definitely would. I really want to see what the regular class is like. And now that I'm a self-proclaimed expert, I want to see my newly learned moves in action.

Here is a link to more intro videos by BoxUnion.

My Ramblings :)

Admittedly, I never was a very athletic person. I did dance Pointe for many years which kept me lean and toned for a while, but I was never a runner, a basketball player, or a volleyball player to the dismay of many people in SE Asia (I was asked at least once a day whether or not I played a sport -- mostly basketball and I'm still not sure if it's because I'm 5'11" or black, or both?) Anyways, my lack of athletic ability provides a funny background for the fact that I've recently fallen in love with working out. Yes, my best friends are all rolling their eyes somewhere because back in college, they had to drag me out of my dark dungeon of a room to go to at least one FlyWheel class a year. And mama look at me now. TBH this new obsession is probably because I am now a working woman with limited opportunities (or less will) to go out during the middle of the week -- shocking, I know.

Regardless, the moral of the story is: I moved out to the land of skinny blonde betches. Of course, I'm not trying to change my body type, but if you can't beat them join them? idk. I'm still unsure about that statement. So, I joined Equinox Santa Monica -- became an official Equiheaux (Copyrighted) and I fell in love with the gym and the tons and tons of classes that they have. I guess Equinox is who I have to blame for my sickness. But then, I got a little greedy. I knew that L.A. has a HUGE market for fitness with boutique fitness clubs on every corner, but the fees for Equinox are so high. I decided to join ClassPass. Right now I'm on the $4 trial, and I already love it.

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