Crunching Leaves in velvet

27 November, 2012

Saturday was a stereotypical fall day, and I loved it. I finally got to break out my Leopard print coat that I am truly addicted to, and couldn't imagine pairing it with anything other than my new velvet skirt. Of course I was just a tad overdressed, but what else is a blogger to do?

By the way, my mother is slightly still upset that I was able to slip past her with her vintage Dooney & Burke bag on Saturday...oopsie. I know I cannot relinquish this bag just yet. I've been able to pair it with everything it is just so versatile! Hopefully my mom will forget about it soon, I plan to wear it over break. :)



  1. This is a great look! Love your denim shirt and skirt, the bag as well! A while back I nominated you for an award on this post

    PS: Nice re-design

    1. Oh wow thanks so much! I was worried about the redesign, but I;m glad that you like it!!! <3


  2. I am in love with this outfit. You have such a beautiful, unique style! Also you're beyond pretty.

    Greta xoxo


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