Not Suitable for the Workplace

28 November, 2014

Hi my lovely followers!

I'm back. I know, this statement has been made many times, but I'm forreal right now. Not to give myself any excuses (but yes), I wasn't feeling inspired by the quality of my posts. But now, with the help of my momma/momager? (Inspo: Kris Jenner) I am moving forward to make Immaturely Fashionable something that I will be inspired to continue moving forward with.

So, here is the first of many more posts to come.

Wearing: Shorts Suit-Set - Nordstrom; Oxfords - Enzo Angiolini; Pom-pom Beanie - Nordstrom; Purse - Mom's Closet


  1. Love it! Welcome back!

  2. What's up with the squirrel?


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