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11 February, 2015

This is Madison. She's a bright 16-year-old who can quote anything from Disney and Superhero movies, has a soft spot for Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), and can learn an advanced piece of piano music in two days. She still likes dolls, anything Betsy Johnson, and is way better at doing make-up than I ever will be.

She's also my sister with an acute case of Autism.

It took me a while to understand the gravity and some of the disadvantages that may occur when growing up with a disability. It wasn't until Madison started high school that I began to notice the differences in how I will be able to live life, and how she will live the rest of her life. She may never get to drive, fully live by herself, and because of her disability may have a difficult time finding a job.

That's why I jumped on the opportunity to sponsor Abili-Tees on my blog. Abili-Tees is a company that sells clothing made by adults with disabilities. The mottos are: Be Amazing, Be Kind, & Be You.

The purpose of the company really resonated with me, and I really hope that by me posting this, I can make a difference. Not only for my wonderful and beautiful sister, but also for all the other people just like her that don't have the #browngoonsquad to always be there for them.



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