Monday Motivation: Flywheel

23 October, 2017

Flywheel SAMO!

520 Broadway 
Santa Monica, CA

Website Definition: Flywheel indoor cycling classes offer unmatched performance tracking technology, a supportive, welcoming atmosphere and prove results. Their highly trained instructors are cycling enthusiasts who are committed to helping you succeed. 

Class: Fly 45 
Instructor: Camila Ramon 

Another spin class! This time I knew what I was getting into. Flywheel is one of the two spin classes that I was exposed to on the East Coast, however few times I actually went. But this time, I was pleasantly surprised by FlyWheel. First, the staff was incredibly friendly and helped me out the entire way through. They actually recently purchased these incredible new bikes, and now have this service where they pre-program your respective bike to your personal bike settings (i.e. height, handlebar distance, etc.) before you get to the studio.

What do you need: I brought my spin shoes, but then Flywheel gave me a pair of their new ones. I can't remember what the type of shoes was, but they were absolutely amazing and I wanted to throw away my Amazon spin shoes immediately. 

Intensity: High

Sweat: 4/5

Bathroom: n/a

It was the last class of the night, and they were shutting down so I didn't get the chance to look at the bathrooms. But tbh looking at the condition of the rest of the studio, they're probably nice. 

Vibes: 3.5-4/5

I was so surprised at the difference in vibes at the niceness of this studio, and the helpfulness of the staff that I have to give this a good vibes score. tbh I think I need to go back to another class that has more people to see what the actual vibes are because the 7:45pm class was pretty sparse. 

Equipment (New!): 4/5

I love, love, love their new bikes. The screen is very modern and easy to read, and the bike itself is very light and flows well. One note, the handlebars are very light, and if you tend to be a little bit heavier on the handles when you're out of the saddle, you may not like these bikes as much. However, I found the lightness of the handles to be helpful in helping me utilize my core a little bit more instead of depending so much on my arms to relieve weight from my legs.  

Music: 4/5

I loved Camila's music. It was the perfect mix of pop and hip-hop, which as you know is my favorite type of mix and it was perfectly timed with the necessary RPMs, which is actually harder to find than I thought now that I have a few more spin classes under my belt. 

Will I come back? Yes! I honestly loved this location and the instructor so much, that I would definitely come back. I sometimes switch between liking Flywheel or Soulcycle more, but it honestly all depends on the instructors. 

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