Monday Motivation: CycleHouse SAMO

16 October, 2017

CycleHouse - SAMO... 

1541 Ocean Ave., 
Santa Monica, CA

Website Definition: Experience this high-intensity interval training cycling class designed to maximize caloric burn, incorporating upper body exercises with free weights to give you a true full body workout. Instructors highly curate each class' playlist to give you the best musical experience on the bike. 

Class: Cycle House Ride
Instructor: Sarah

This is your typical spin class. Stadium-like class set-up, with a stage for the instructor. The only difference from the regulars -- the teacher doesn't actually ride with you. Rather, there is a "spin model" that follows the instructions along with you. Overall, the vibe & music were great, but the actual environment and bikes left me wanting more...

What do you need: I purchased a pair of spin shoes from Amazon for my Equinox classes, so I didn't have to rent any. They only accept the Delta Look Clip, but they do have rental shoes for $2.

Intensity: High

Sweat: 4/5

Again, I'm always sweating so potentially take this with a grain of salt lol.

Bathroom: n/a

I was running late for work, so I didn't get to take a look at the bathroom, mah b!

Vibes: 2.5/5

The design seemed like a very rudimentary version of FlyWheel. I think CycleHouse is still slightly in progress of finding their official design and look. Maybe I need to go to the one in West Hollywood?  Also, the bikes were definitely old -- my handlebars kept moving even when they were screwed all the way in. Maybe I'm just snooty because Equinox and SoulCycle just updated their bikes.

Music: 4/5

I loved Sarah's music so much. I think so far, this music selection had to be my favorite of any spin class by far. It was very rap/pop heavy, which is right up my alley. I think this the biggest appeal of CycleHouse is their attention to music, and I would love to go back to see what another instructor's playlist is like.

Will I come back? Yes. I think I would, but only after I try other spin classes/workout classes in general. TBH it is kind of like a meshed version of FlyWheel and SoulCycle. FlyWheel in its aesthetics, and SoulCycle in the pace and music focus of the class.

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