Bobbi Won't You Come My Way

25 June, 2015

Although these pictures may seem like I am not the broke college student that I claim to be, I still am -- this adventure came out of the purse of Mama Brown. Not going to lie, this brief adventure with Bobbi Brown did spark a burgeoning expensive taste in make-up for me that in reality, I really just can't afford. But, I did enjoy every moment of it.

Normally, I am very afraid of going to a make-up artist. But, this time I was really into the end results. First, the make-up is wonderful quality. There were tones for everyone and anyone, which is different from many of the other drugstores that I normally get my make-up from (Shoutout to CVS). Although I do have a lighter skintone, I have very deep yellow undertones that make it difficult to find face make-up that works for my skin. That's why I was wonderfully surprised by the end results -- I didn't look like a normal human with a floating ghost head.

Second, I found love with lilac eyeshadow. I never knew that I could rock color, and it took this trip to find out that colored eyeshadow isn't this crazy add-on that only youtube beauty vloggers can rock.

To finish off my ode to Bobbi, I will say that although I look pretty good in these pictures, it has been hard to recreate this look. If you don't know already, make-up in general is not something that I really thrive in. But, going to the Bobbi Brown station and getting this tutorial done has helped me with knowing what to do and what to look for in make-up.

Moral of the story, go get your make-up done by a professional. It doesn't have to be Bobbi Brown, but going to someone who knows make-up from top to bottom can help you cut back on wasting on make-up that just does not work for you.


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