Tongue Tied

11 January, 2013

I love my new Shoemint shoes soooo much!!! The buckles, the studs, the pointed toe all equal one pretty awesome shoe. This was the first outfit that I have ever worn these boots with, but I cannot wait to break them in with some tights and high-waisted shorts. This outfit was just a mix of pieces that I love to death. I just recently purchased this teal sweater for three dollars at Unique thrift store. It was a perfect find because it has that perfect slouchiness that is necessary in a winter sweater. Of course, I decide to wear it on one of the hottest days this winter, but it was worth the sweat.




  1. Awesome look. I love thrift stores. Such magical places where you'll find the neatest things, like that awesome sweater! Plus chances are, no one else has one just like it, making it all your own. :)

    xoxo, Taylyn.
    Always wear your invisible crown.

    1. Thanks Taylyn! I live and breathe Thrift stores!!! It is so cheap and you can find really great stuff that are really unique.

  2. i like your shoes!


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