How to NOT look like MJ in a red leather jacket

13 December, 2014

I thought my title was pretty funny... no? Well, I didn't like you anyways.
just kidding. 
But seriously, that is a real fear of mine -- The Fear of Looking Like Michael Jackson in a red leather jacket. I think it's rooted from the fact that the black leather jacket just recently became a closet staple. (Not to brag or anything, but I have been on the leather jacket train wayyyy longer than you -- totally bragging.) 

The next step is making leather jackets "trendy" in suburbia... 


Sidenote: I look like a sad puppy in the second to last photo

wearing: necklace - Nordstrom; boots - Steve Madden; hat - vintage; purse - Michael Kors; sweater - Forever 21; leather jacket - Forever 21; shorts - Forever 21

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