Hurrah for Fall! or Spring?

04 October, 2013

With Fall upon us... just kidding. Too bad it was a whopping 80 degrees here in Philly. I'm not complaining because I did get to wear my favorite green skirt, but at the same time... really Mother Nature?! I was just getting into the swing of Fall. Other than the bipolar weather that we are having, I just finished my first college midterm (for Calculus 2) which I have to say was quite a delightful experience... not. To prepare I made almost two cups of Lemon Zinger tea and brought it with me to the hall. I got some weird stares admittedly, but YOLO. Yeah, I still use it. 


Photos by: Jessie Washington

wearing: skirt - Forever 21; shoes - ShoeMint; bag - Vintage Dooney & Bourke; shirt - H&M; jacket - Vintage Steve Madden; sunglasses - Urban Outfitters; earrings - Nordstrom

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