I (literally) scream for ice cream

20 September, 2013

Hello, Hello! 
Thursdays are always a very crammed day for me... not fun. I start classes at 8:30 and don't end till 5. It's pretty tortuous, but I was able to catch a break with a bunch of my hallmates. I have to thank my roomie for that... I was going to become a scholastic hermit for the night, but she convinced me to come with them to the mulit-cultural food block party. It was delicious I must say. So, thank you Jessie. We also received a free Mister Softee ice cream cone and a cupcake. I think I was in dessert heaven. I LOVE ice cream. If you know me, then you know that I can eat ice cream at all times of the day, but I hate any other type of dairy. Anyway, today I opted to be more on the comfortable side of the spectrum. I went for my beanie swag, and threw on my new favorite plaid shirt from Forever 21. 


Photos by: Jessie Washington and Stephanie Fagbemi

wearing: hat - H&M; tee and shirt - Forever 21; jeans - BP. Nordstrom; boots - Shoemint; purse - vintage Dooney and Bourke 

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