Central Park - The Victorian Gardens

19 July, 2012

The Victorian Gardens situated in the center of Central Park is a amusement park haven for those under the age of seven, however, I myself was entranced by the carnival music that played on loop, and the stark juxtaposition of the twirling swings and majestic skyscrapers that stood less than a mile away.
Smack in the middle of a heat wave, this day I played it simple with a peter pan collar blouse and floral high-waisted shorts.

Wearing: Vintage floral shorts; top-Forever 21; sand boots-DSW; bow-handmade


  1. What a lovely garden...
    Nice top you got there,
    the Peter Pan collar is so cute.

    1. Thanks so much Ann!!! I immediately fell in love with this top when I saw it in Forever 21!


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