Life is a Scary Thing

21 September, 2011

My baby sister... look at the face!!! We all seriously believe that she is a 25-year-old trapped in a 6-year-old's body!!!

I absolutely adore these shoes!!! I got them for my birthday in New York from Nine West! Amazing buy!!! The hair is perfect and soft, but still very durable. Also, they only cost $60 bucks... if you compare this price to others, you will definitely find that these are highly cheap for the quality, especially when this print is so high in demand!!!

Anyways, I have been freaking out about being a junior! Already?! Yes... I know already! Colleges... scholarships... the SAT! My dream school is Columbia University most definitely! And not because Serena and Blair go there on Gossip Girl!!

signing off,



  1. i love the sleeves on your blouse!

  2. Thanks Olivia! I spotted this on the sale rack in Forever 21, and I almost died!!!

  3. wow you look like a model (myabe you are?) and your sis is super cute x

  4. Thanks Lolita!!!
    Do Not! let my sister hear you say that! Her head is already big enough!!


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