America's First Pizzeria!!! (With an Italian accent, and hand movements!!!)

21 July, 2011

Do you see that delicious pizza behind my head?!?!?!

My sister and friend playing hand games

One very delicious pizza!! GOD!! The sausage was soooooo GOOD!!!

My least favorite!!! BLAH!!! Too much chheeessseee!!

My slice of the meaty deliciousness!!

My friend's slice of that Mozzerella grossness!!

At this time, after our voyage from Coney Island to Soho, we visited the famous Lombardi's!!! It was evenm previously mentioned on the Jon Stewart show as some of the best REAL Italian pizza in NYC. It is also America's first pizzeria!!! Now I know why there was an extreme wait of an hour and thirty minutes at one in the afternoon for PIZZA!! At first I was like, why should we wait for this pizza when there are thousands of other pizza places in the New York area?!?!?! But, when I put that first piece of deliciousness into my mouth, I think I melted inside and out. Now, everytime we go to New York, I refuse to go to anywhere other than Lombardi's!!!

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