Jumping Till I Reach the Heavens Above

26 June, 2011

shirt - undefined
shorts - Secondhand (Liz Claiborne)
socks - Forever 21
Combat Boots - undefined
Cheetah print headband - Icing's 

Hey Guys…
I have a new game for you…
Okay. So here's the thing! In every semi-decent photo that I had, my father would step into the frame. So, instead of cutting the picture, or photoshopping it, I've decided to create a game called Where's Padre? Can YOU spot him?

signing off,
Taylor Brown


  1. I found Padre! What do I win? What's in the paper bag?

  2. i loveee the red shorts! and how your whole outfit comes together. simply perfect(:



  3. totally love so much about this post:
    red shorts (so preppy, so cute, they stand out and they look fabulous on you)
    your poses (hey, whimsical outfits demand ballerina poses!)
    also, check out the obvilux twitter--you were featured! (found your site from there, im tiffany on obvilux)

  4. Hello! Your blog is super adorable..
    You might like my fashion/photography/life blog

  5. Really???? Thanks Tiffany!!!! I'll check out your account on Obvilux!! And I do love to do ballet poses in my shots! I'm an ex-ballerina... hehe.


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