Birds sing for you, You can make the blue sky blush. You’ve got them all fooled. But I am burned out on this rush.

14 March, 2011

I love my acid wash jeans they are soooooo comfy!
Shout out to American Eagle!!!!
Anyways, Recently I just came from New York (visiting my feisty GMA in the big city) I got these amazing shoes there for $30! Normally they were about $200? I felt like such a bargainista!! Today was ultimately one of the best Mondays (you will not here me saying that a lot but...) it was unnaturally warm, and there were no QUIZZES!!! Goddd... It feels so good saying that!

I apologize for the unnatural usage of exclamation points... :)

signing off,
Taylor Brown

p.s. Can you believe Galliano? Gosh! What a Waste!

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