Introducing Rose?

20 January, 2011

Black and White Jumper: Loehmann's, Royal Blue bow: Forever 21, blue tights: IDK, black sparkle socks: Filene's Basement, Rustic Doc Martens: Journeys, Blazer (shown in other picture): My aunt's vintage

I apologize for the messy hair... I think you would have it too if you had ten tests, quizzes, and projects all next week!!

My BFF: Maryann (aka Rose) that's the name she wants to go by when she gets older... SMH

Photos courtesy of MI MADRE!
It's Kind of funny... My mom said we kind of looked like we came off of a Seventeen magazine shoot because our outfits were two totally different entities. I was the "brooding" one and Maryann was the "innocent" one. (Hey mom what if I told you what Maryann really does...) But whatever, I'm totally cool being the brooding one. Our parents say that the amount of time that we hang out together is totally unhealthy, but whatevs! 

Sooooo... I have this new project that I'm trying to start next year on the newspaper! So of course you know The Sartorialist or Tommy Ton... Doesn't Ring a Bell? (If it doesn't, then please log off this webpage and search them IMMEDIATELY!!) Pardon me for that rampage. Anywho, there are people at my school who have absolutely fantastic fashion sense, and yet go unpraised! So to reward them, I want to create my own The Sartorialist for my High School. I'll go around the school snapping shots of my FABULOUS classmates... *sigh*... Lids... drooping...slowly... YAWN!!!!! No more stories tonight.
Signing off,

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